SRFN Cultural Program



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The Cultural program is vital to the citizens of Genaabaajing by ensuring that out Anishinaabemowin is continued and strengthened for the next generation. Through land based activities, we provide opportunities for community members to exercise their Anishnabek Rights and Freedom through their connection to the land. Through these activities and programs, we will contribute to ensuring that we have a strong and proud Anishinabek identity for the years to come.

Annual Traditional gathering

Annually, on the weekend after the August Civic Holiday long weekend, Serpent River First Nation hosts its Traditional Gathering, otherwise known as the Serpent River First Nation Powwow. Multiple drums and dancers from across the province will gather in prayer and celebration for the weekend.





Kenabutch Family Centre

195 Village Rd,

Cutler, ON, P0P 1B0


705 844 2418


Lee simpson-Johnston

Cultural Coordinator

Amanda mahdabee