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The Indian Act defines eligibility for Indian Status (Registered Indians). The Indian Registrar is the official record identifying all Status Indians in Canada.

You are eligible for registration if:

  1. You were entitled to registration prior to the changing of the Indian Act on April 17, 1985;

  2. You lost your Indian status as a result of your marriage to a non-Indian man (s.12(1)(b)), including enfranchisement upon your marriage to a non-Indian man (s. 109(2));

  3. Your mother and father’s mother did not have status under the Indian Act, before their marriage and you lost your status at the age of 21 (s. 12(1)(a)(iv)) - referred to commonly as the double-mother rule;

  4. Your registration was successfully protested on the grounds that your father did not have status under the Indian Act, however your moth had status;

  5. You lost your registration because you or your parents applied to give up registration and First Nation membership through the process known as “enfranchisement;”

  6. You are a child of persons listed in 1 - 5 above.

You may also be eligible for registration if only one of your parents is eligible to be registered under section 6(1) of the Indian Act.

Supporting documents required for registration:

  1. Original Long Form Birth Certificate (listing parents’ names);

  2. Legal change of name document or marriage certificate, if the name you are applying under is different from your Birth Certificate.

  3. Custody Court Order.

  4. Statutory Declaration Form(s).

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