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Guiding Principles

In all of our individiual and collective efforts, the Serpent River First Nation is guided by the following principles:

  1. We are a community that respects and honours an individual’s need to love, mourn, laugh and interact with others.

  2. We are a community that acts in an honest, transparent, fair and equitable manner.

  3. We respect the views, opinions and desires of others and, in turn, believe in our right to have our own views, opinions and desires respected.

  4. Individually and collectively, we are responsible and accountable for our actions.

  5. We respect Mother Earth and accept responsibility for the preservation and maintenance of our environment.

Our vision

Serpent River First Nation will have self-sufficient people within a community of caring and compassionate families.

Our Mission

Serpent River First Nation will use all available financial, human, natural, technological and cultural resources to achieve self-sufficiency through the efforts of all Community members. Our Strong and unique cultural and spiritual identity will drive us to ensure a healthy community that is safe and secure for all generations.