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Serpent River First Nation recently upgraded its communal groundwater supply system by establishing a new surface water supply system and associated infrastructure. The new water system was required because the water in the wells that had supplied drinking water in the past no longer had the required capacity and some of the wells had water quality concerns.

Serpent River First Nation Water Treatment process is a tubular nanofiltration membrane system with polymer based membranes. This system was selected because it was found to be most effective in removing Natural Organic Matter (NOM) and thereby reducing the levels of THMs and other disinfection byproducts in the treated water.

The new water treatment system has been proven to be very effective in treating the water from Aird Bay and the treated water quality has been excellent with the new polymer based membranes.

Type of membrane is now incompatible with chlorine and one of the measures previously installed at the Plant for zebra mussel control involves chlorination at the plant raw water intake which is upstream of the membranes.  Additional measures are therefore currently needed to ensure that chlorine does not impact the membranes at the plant.

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